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Black Movies Trailers Past and Present

Before I really get this party started I thought let me go back and post a few old and some new trailers that you may or may not have seen. Either way they are always worth checking out again, you might find something worth renting or adding to your private dvd collection...

Dream Girls - coming soon featuring Beyonce

Date Movie - hmmm... no comment.

Annapolis - recently came up.

Miami Vice - coming soon.

Idlewild - Outkast together on the same flick!!! Must see.

Rize - This was great. I wish it got more play in the theatres.

Yesterday - hmmm.. not sure. never saw it. but don't let that stop you.

Ray! - great movie. get the DVD.

ATL - I liked it. It's the new American Story.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin - Suprisingly good. Better than you think. Watch it.

Coach Carter - Very inspirational. A great Black family movie .... like today's Lean on Me.

Soul Plane - uhhh.. you know about this one. no comment.

Crash - Amazing, crossess color lines - a must have in any good dvd collection.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman - classic Tyler Perry.

Beauty Shop - a good movie to rent.

Johnson's Family Vacation - momma said if you can't say anything nice...

Honeymooners - rent it.

Brown Sugar - Black Love on Screen. Loved it.

Kings of Comedy - Right up there with Eddie Murphy's Raw. Definite Comic Classic.

She Hate Me - Spike did it again with this one. I Like It.

Are We There Yet? - did't see it but it looks like a great Black Family flick.

Honey - definite teen flick.

You Got Served - ladies love B2K. the dancing is hot I must say.

Mr. 3000 - can anything with Bernie Mac really be bad? Dude is hilarious.

Hotel Rwanda - definite must see. It had me straight through.

Bad Boys II - Martin and Will ... always a good comibnation.

Tupac Ressurection - The Man and The Music. A must have for any true hip hop fanatic.

Hitch - Will was very funny in this. Very funny.

Woman Thou Art Loose - Amazing. I was very touched and moved. TD Jakes did a great thing.

Ali - This is up there with Denzel in Malcolm X and Jamie in Ray. These black men can act.

Barbershop II - as funny as Babershop one.

click here for more trailers not currently listed on this blog...

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